Mom Donisi's Sheeted Dough

Don’t sacrifice quality for simplicity: this dough has it all. No weighing, measuring or mixing! No dividing, rolling, or stretching! Ready to bake, of the highest quality, and so incredibly versatile – this is the most impressively convenient product we offer.

Also made from old world recipes like our dough balls, Mom Donisi’s Premium Sheeted Dough can be baked from frozen in today’s modern ovens or from proofed.

  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Pre-sheeted for convenience, speed and efficiency
  • Can be used frozen in a variety of ovens
  • Reduces costs of dough handling and crew training
  • Saves time, labor and product waste
  • Multi-purpose pre-sheeted dough reduces costs
  • Consistency insures a quality finished product
  • Sheets interleaved with baker’s parchment